Football has witnessed a handful of twins who have had a significant impact on the global football scenario. Twins are like double trouble for the opponents. From the de Boer and Bender brothers to the twins in the Hero ISL Children’s League. The beautiful game has occasionally seen twins take to the football field, with the spectators watching on in awe.

Two of the most famous pair of twins in football history are Frank de Boer and Ronald de Boer of the Netherlands, and Lars Bender and Sven Bender of Germany. While Frank was a defender by trade, Ronald had featured as an attacking midfielder in his career. They were mainstays of the Dutch national team, apart from being vital components in the Ajax setup. As for the Bender brothers, they are both versatile footballers and are currently bamboozling their opponents in the Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen.

The West Bengal chapter of the Hero ISL Children’s League has been lucky enough to see twins who have made a major impression in the league. Kusul Das and Kunal Das are participating in the Kolkata edition of the Hero ISL Children’s League. They are lining up for Tarun Dall Football Academy in the Under-10 category in the Sanghasree venue. The latter has scored two goals in the tournament, with the former also playing a key role in Tarun Dall’s rise up the standings.

In the Under-6 category in Nawab Ali Park, Bawali Football Coaching Centre has been firing on all cylinders. The team has notched up 12 wins and sits on top of the points table with an impressive 37 points to their name. The key to their success has been Saheb Khan and Sohel Khan. The duo is currently undergoing their schooling at Future Gems Academy and started football training at the age of 4. The industrious display of the look-alike brothers has played a vital role in propelling their team to reach the summit in the Hero ISL Children’s League.

Time after time, football fans have been left mesmerized with the abilities of some of the twins in world football. The Hero ISL Children’s League is providing the Khan brothers and the Das doppelgangers a platform to sharpen their footballing skills. It is now up to these young footballers, to utilize this opportunity and show various key stakeholders that they have it in them to become sensations in Indian football in the near future.