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The West Bengal edition of the Hero ISL Children’s League has seen active participation from the mothers on every match day. They have come forward to support their children, which has enabled them to perform better during the course of the season. They were energetic during the matches, encouraged their children and played a crucial behind the scenes role.

To salute this spirit of the mothers, the Hero ISL Children’s League conducted an exhibition match on the final match day at the Clive House venue. The exhibition match featured the mothers of Under-6 and Under-8 Children’s League footballers squaring off against each other in an entertaining contest.

The mothers of young footballers from Nimta Shahid Khudiram, Laketown Milan Sangha and Laha Sporting Club, participated in the exhibition match. They donned Blue and Orange colour Hero ISL Children’s League bibs. The roles were swapped as the children cheered for their mothers from the dugout. It was a 9 a side match, with the duration being 7 minutes. The match ended in a 1-1 stalemate.

The participation of the mothers symbolizes their support and willingness to understand in-depth, what their children are interested in and how the coaching is helping them. The sight of mothers kicking around a football while their children cheering and running around in joy is truly heartwarming.

In a country like India, to break the status quo and let their children pursue a career in football is noteworthy. The winds of transformation seem to be pushing for a positive change in our country. And the mothers have to be at the forefront to drive this positive change forward.