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The All India Football Federation (AIFF) E-License Course was conducted at the Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy Complex in Chimpu, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

The course was held from 17th to 20th January, and was hosted by the Arunachal Pradesh Football Association (APFA) and supported by the Hero ISL Children’s League.

19 participants attended the course – which was the first-ever Grassroots course for coaches in the state. The course was conducted by Anjana Turambekar, AIFF Head of Grassroots, with Instructor Gyan Moyon and Assistant Instructor Tapi Apa, assisting her.

Doru Isac, AIFF Technical Director, gave valuable insights to the participants on the opening day. He also gave the contestants an impression on FIFA Grassroots Philosophy and AFC Grassroots Philosophy. Most of the participants are coaches in the inaugural edition of the Hero ISL Children’s League.

The AIFF E-License Course had a nice blend of both theory and practical sessions. Some of the topics that were covered in the four-day course were –

  • Coordination, Agility and Motor Skills Concept
  • Injury Prevention
  • Importance of Nutrition
  • Parent Education
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Fair Play and Racism

Anjana Turambekar, the AIFF Head of Grassroots, was happy to witness the first-ever AIFF E-License course organized by the Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL), which was supported by the APFA and conducted by the AIFF.

She said, “The E license provides a unique experience on and off the field and helps coaches/stakeholders to understand the basic fundamentals of the game to nurture young talent. It is a stepping stone for any coach to take up coaching as a career therefore it becomes more critical for us to inspire, convince and help them to dream big. The coaches have experienced such an organized course for the first time and I am very impressed by the passion, interest, and love expressed by them for the game. The gained knowledge must get first-hand experience to explore, learn and achieve more and I believe the Hero ISL Children’s League initiative will provide the coaches and the stakeholders a good exposure.”

Further speaking on how this course would help the state of Arunachal Pradesh, she uttered, “APFA have done well at the national level specifically in the Youth levels in recent times. Now it’s an opportunity for all the stakeholders of the game to build a strong ecosystem in the state. We need to give adequate importance to all the phases of the game- Grassroots, Youth, and Pro football for optimum development. Through this program, the Grassroots development phase can be structured as it’s the foundation of the game. It will help stakeholders to understand why Grassroots development is significant as a whole in the game and how it complements all other phases.”

This is a landmark step taken by the AIFF with support from the Hero ISL Children’s League in a state that is going through major upgrades when it comes to the development of grassroots football. The footballing ecosystem in Arunachal Pradesh will benefit from this initiative. The hope is that the lessons learnt over the 4-day course will permeate through the Hero ISL Children’s League via these coaches. The coaches, who attended this interactive course, will look to create a footprint by producing budding footballers from this scenic North Eastern state.