Mawkhar Sports Club is a Shillong based club which was established in 1955. The club has been going through a transformation in the last couple of years and find themselves at the start of a new journey.

This year, the club will be participating in the Shillong Premier League (SPL), the premier competition in the state, after having clinched the First Division title in 2019.

Mawkhar was playing second division football in 2017 when Hero Indian Super League (ISL) club FC Goa ventured into Meghalaya to unearth young talent from the football frenzied North Eastern state. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three Meghalaya clubs; Mawkhar SC being one of them.

The partnership is benefitting the club, as Mawkhar leapt up from the second division to the premier division. Now, the club hopes that the next generation of footballers can be an integral part of the club soon.

Speaking of the future, the club officials are glad about the active participation from the children, especially the girls in the Hero ISL Children’s League.
Manbha Warjri, the Football Secretary of Mawkhar SC commented, “It’s a big boost to children in and around our area, because of the advent of Hero ISL Children’s League. It has helped our children a lot as they get involved in football and sports in general. The kids are enjoying the experience on the match days and even during the training sessions. They are loving every moment of it.”

The Mawkhar SC footballers are putting up a commendable performance, especially in the U-6 category of the Mixed League and the Girls League in Shillong. In the Girls League, Mawkhar are placed second in the league standings with Lawanlamlynti Paswett the top scorer with 3 goals. In the Mixed League, Mawkhar’s Mebudlang Bareh is the standout performer in the league, having racked up an astonishing 9 goals in their opening two matches.

Mr. Warjri spoke about how the recent developments in women’s football in India have impacted the participation of girls in the sport. Speaking on the matter, he remarked, “Girls have started playing football, and are enjoying the experience. The way they turn up for practice and games, it’s encouraging. It is amazing to see them play under the ISL banner.”

It’s not just the footballers who are showing such dedication, but the parents are playing a major part as well. Mr Warjri went on to say, “The parents are taking sports seriously. Playing football means their child will spend less time watching television and using mobile phones. With the help of ISL and Meghalaya Football Association (MFA), this league is giving the kids a platform to participate in football.”

Football is growing in India, and Meghalaya is trying to be one of the torchbearers for the country. For that to happen, it is not just about the footballers who pursue their ambition and leave the state but also about those who play in the local football circuit.

Being consistent at the highest level will be Mawkhar’s biggest challenge but they have already started to build for the future with the Hero ISL Children’s League being a core part of their plans.